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Anti-glare screen system

& anti-curve system

By Beilharz germany

The anti-glare screen system by Beilharz Germany is designed to protect the driver of the vehicle and its passengers from glare which may come from various light sources on different road conditions and to keep the safety of other road users.

Another major use of the system is to mark curves on the road. In order to clearly mark and catch the driver's attention ahead of time to the curve on the road, the marking system will prepare the driver according to the radius of the curve and the type of road by using longitudinal warning markings integrated with the anti-glare screen system.

The essential need for this type of system arose in light of the frequent accident data in low-light conditions where drivers even tend to use high beams and dazzle the opposite drivers, traffic loads during night time, and height differences on divided roads and curves. Such systems have been shown to save lives and reduce accidents at hotspots.

The anti-glare system by Beilharz Germany is also used in the Western European Railway (ICE) network in sections where trains pass on parallel roads, where the value of safety is also reflected in the mutual glare protection of the rail drivers.

About the product

  • Quality and professionalism - the system was tested and met all European standard requirements according to EN 12676. In addition, the system was tested in a wind tunnel of 160 km / h. The system also meets the requirements for UV resistance according to EN 1267. Beilharz is active in the German Manufacturers Association In the Cen deliberations, the European Commission for Joint Standards.

  • Function in the event of damage/accident - the system is completely passive and fully adjusted to the safety barrier on which it is installed. The system is designed so that the parts will not break off or break in the event of a vehicle impact and does not contain sharp parts in possible impact areas.

  • dividers in case of emergency - There is a space between the dividers that allows a passage of emergency and rescue teams and the transfer of stretchers in case of access from the opposite lane in case of a rescue.

  • Flexibility and resistance to deformation - the dividers are designed to maintain elasticity over time. In case of impact and tilt of the dividers up to a 90-degree angle, the pressure exerted on it will be routed to its base only and the buffer will return to its current position.


  • The profile is elliptical, closed, and hollow

  • The dividers are made of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD-HM)

  • Manufactured with a smooth finish to prevent the accumulation of dirt and preserved for years

  • There are fixing adapters that are suitable for all types of safety barriers

  • The density of the dividers can be controlled according to the installation specifications and the design requirement

  • The system withstands temperature conditions of minus 30 degrees and up to 60 degrees (Celsius)

  • The system is resistant to UV radiation, smoke, and other environmental pollutants

  • The system reaches the customer when it is disassembled to allow as economical transportation as possible

  • It is recommended to perform assembly in advance in 4-meter sections so that they are ready for installation in order to minimize the installation process and the disruption to traffic. In this way, all that is required to complete the installation is positioning the product, fixing the adapters to the guardrail, and screwing the fixing screws

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