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Barrier Drilling Machinery


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Mazaka is a Turkish company with a professional team experienced in heavy machinery. The team has experience with the demands of various markets around the world. the equipment under production tested in extreme conditions and is made of high quality materials, yet it is easy to operate.


  • Pillars - Pillars can be installed up to 3.1 meters

  • Drilling - Drill head to create a hole in a hard surface

  • Materials - Reliable and durable materials for reducing wear and tear

  • Engine - Mitsubishi engine coming from Netherlands

  • Price - attractive price range


Technical Specifications

The machine is sold in 3 models:


1. MW800

2. MW1000

3. MW1200


* To view the technical specifications click here

Service and Spare Parts

All parts of the machine are standard and can be removed, changed and operated in a simple way. If necessary, spare parts are available. For any question, issue, or idea, you can contact us and we can make it happen.


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