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Two components water born paint


Traffic signs have always been an essential part when considering road guidance and safety. Therefore, every impact or accident that damages a sign post might cause disorientation and a hazardous site. The case is even worst when it comes to a short police sign positioned on a roundabout or traffic islands that frequently suffer such damage.


For exactly such purpose Impact Recovery Co. has developed the Flexible Sign Post. A unique system that has the ability to withstand a vehicle impact by flexing when facing a vehicle impact and standing back up when the vehicle has moved on.


The Flexible Sign Post is an important and valuable solution for road users' safety and for the road authority's “Headaches free” road maintenance.


Installing a Flexible Sign Post comes with a strong added value when it comes to preventing vehicle accidents, maintaining durable directional guidance even in sites that face frequent impacts, and maintaining reasonable resource control where the road authority can direct its budget for other needs.

Overview & Applications



  • Impact Recovery Flexible Sign Post combines the unique features of a special flexible and durable mechanism with a durable HDPE capable of withstand a vehicle impact without damage

  • The Flexible Sign Post different components design in a way there’s no need of any pre-installation assembly of the sign post. Mounting the Flexible Sign Post on the pavement requires only 4 screws drilled to the surface. No need for digging/ concrete preparations or any other unique process

  • The Flexible Sign Post can be ordered with any sign based on the Israeli MOT traffic signs matrix

  • The Flexible Sign Post have 3 different color options: Black. Grey, Orange. The post base come in Black color only. It is possible to have a custom made color order for the sign post

  • When there’s a need to maintain or replace the Flexible Sign Post it can easily take apart and replace broken parts simply without the need to dismantle completely from the pavement surface

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