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Home of road Safety Accessories

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GRAPHTRAFFIC is an approved enterprise by "NETIVEI ISRAEL" for the production of road signs and signs for over a decade. The factory boasts the ability to manufacture all types of road signs, urban and interurban, using brand new technology equipment to ensure every road sign meets our quality standard


GRAPHTRAFFIC is engaged in the import, marketing and distribution of safety accessories on the roads to complete the entire range of solutions required for the contractor engaged in infrastructure work at various sites across the country. Among the company's products are cones, rubber bases, flashing lights, road adhesive tapes, glass pellets, reflectors / cat eyes, safety vests, anchoring machines, road paint removal machine and more



Road Signs Factory

The factory is certified for the manufacture of road signs types A-G, side signs and overpass signs. The factory offers all types of signs of any size including urban and inter-urban. GRAPHTRAFFIC offers installation services for road signs in cooperation with an TNUA PTUCHA LTD.

Importing And Distributing Safety Accessories

The company imports and distributes complementary products related to the road safety industry to complete the range of solutions offered to our customers for a full supply under one roof.

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Road Paint Removal Equipment

GRAPHTRAFFIC markets and distributes advanced mechanical engineering equipment for Paint removal using scrubbing and glass pellets

Arrow Warning Trailer

One of the most prominent and sought-after products we produce from A to Z in GRAPHTRAFFIC is the arrow warning trailer. The arrow warning trailer complies with Ministry of Transport standards and European standards and is being widely used across the country.

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Ground Drilling Machinery

GRAPHTRAFFIC markets and distributes advanced  ground drilling equipment for to properly install  safety railings. In addition, the equipment is also designed to drill pillars on solar panels farms

Solar Panel Washer

GRAPHTRAFFIC markets and distributes a variety of solar panel cleaning solutions. Multiple-size machines and tractor-mounted machinery.



Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015

:The certificate is valid for the following actions
Import, marketing, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of signs, road signs and safety accessories, marking roads and installing cat's eyes.

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Haharoshet 6, Nesher, Israel


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