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Noise Absorbing Guardrail

 EasyRail® NA - new generation of guardrails

by vr

The Problem


As infrastructure develops in or near inhabited areas, voices of resistance can be heard by residents whose Quality of life are damaged as a result of the noise from the roads/railways. About 80% of the noise on the road comes from the friction between wheels and asphalt. When the noise source is so low, it is not necessary to erect huge walls, but you can place noise-absorbing panels near the road to reduce noise.

So far, safety guardrails have been erected along with high noise walls which were placed between the road and the inhabited areas for noise-reduction, caused by vehicles on the road. This solution is expensive, as it requires two separate levels of care (safety guardrail and noise blocking walls) that are far away from each other when there is no easy access to those noise-blocking walls and therefore the maintenance is less accessible and more expensive. In addition, the same noise-insulated walls damage the landscape that residents' otherwise might enjoy it as well as the road users.

To solve the problem, VR's best minds and engineering team have been integrated to create an innovative safety rail that incorporates noise absorption panels called EasyRail® NA.


the solution


The solution is an EasyRail® NA safety guardrail system, which can be erected as close as 50cm from the roadside. The noise-absorbing rail system called "ERNA", equipped with unique perforated steel beams and special panels with stone wool that are integrated into the panel's structure. The material supplier for the railing comes from a world leading brand called ROCKWOOL. stone wool is an open porous material, which is ideal for absorbing and regulating noise and therefore, ROCKWOOL's material improves sound insulation and greatly contributes to extraordinary relief by filtering and absorbing noise even before dispersing it in the air and thus protecting your health. ERNA enables high absorption and insulation capability to protect the residential area near the road and prevents noise reflection into the road.

Apart from its decent noise absorption capabilities, it is also a fully functional vehicle restraint system, tested in accidents environment according to the European Standard EN 1317. All steel parts have undergone a hot galvanizing process to ensure maximum endurance with long lasting performance and low maintenance.





The advantages of the system are particularly noticeable when compared to alternative absorbing/blocking noise with a suitable safety rail:


  • Small size system with a large impact

  • Low noise reduction of up to 5 decibels* and more

  • High-class guardrail (L1-W4-A)

  • Significantly reduces costs in purchase, installation and maintenance

  • Reduces interference with the natural landscape

  • Allows a view of the landscape for road users and residents

  • Quick installation without the need for special foundation

  • High resistance​

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