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anti-terror barrier

by vr

Given the dangers posed by terrorist groups around the world in general and in major cities in particular, we are forced to think differently and provide security solutions to address those new threats. Terrorist attacks using private or commercial vehicles are a new challenge with many victims due to the fact that every terrorist with a vehicle becomes a potential risk. There is a special risk in sensitive areas such as airports, security structures, military bases and more. At the same time, the highest risk can be found in big population centers such as festivals, concerts, urban races, demonstrations and more, as we witnessed at the Bastille Day celebrations in Nice when a terrorist drove a truck into the crowd or the terror attack we witnessed in the Christmas market in Berlin by a truck. To meet those new challenges, all the best minds, technology and materials were combined to build an anti-terror barrier or, in one word, CLAW.


the idea behind claw

  • VOLKMANN & ROSSBACH, is one of the world's leading suppliers of road safety solutions.

  • CLAW's innovative defense system is designed to provide protection against hostile vehicles for temporary and permanent events such as sports events, outdoor markets, music festivals, shopping centers, industrial sites, public sites and infrastructure.

  • CLAW's defense system has been successfully tested in two different environment categories. CLAW positioned on the surface, modular and allows a fast application, for protection against multiple terror scenarios.

claw 2.jpg


  • Modular assembly of the barrier units in order to increase protection zone area

  • Pedestrian friendly

  • Additional assemblies - east set up of Direction signs and / or sponsorship, information, bicycle stand, LED lighting on every unit to improve the appearance without impairing the device function

  • CLAW can be installed on any terrain, from sidewalks, walls, roads, to open areas and more

  • Can't be moved by curious or attackers

  • Tested in a number of international standards including PAS68 and IWA 14-1

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